Puerto Rico Diving Centre, Gran Canaria
Scuba Diving Packages

We have dive packages to suit every divers needs. From a 2 dive pack for those of you with limited time to a 10 dive pack for divers who are here for longer. Remember the more dives you do, the cheaper each dive becomes!

Here at Puerto Rico Diving we do not have a set schedule for dives but try to be as accommodating as possible to requests and always pick the dive sites best suited to the weather conditions. We have dive sites to suit all experience levels. All guided dives are conducted in small groups and made up of divers with similar experience levels.

1 Local Dive


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2 Dives (1 Day)


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4 Dives (2 Days)


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6 Dives (3 Days)


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8 Dives (4 Days)


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10 Dives (5 Days)


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IGIC (local sales tax) is NOT included in the price. This is currently 7% and will be added to the above quoted prices.

Equipment hire is included in the prices.