Puerto Rico Diving Centre, Gran Canaria
in     by Mike 07-02-2018

Thanks to programmes such as Blue Planet and Chasing Coral, people are becoming more aware of the threats affecting the health of our ocean. But what can we do to help?

  • Avoid single use plastic bags. Did you know that plastic bags have an average use of just 20 minutes?! But they will never completly disintergrate? Instead of single use plastic bags, why not use a Bag for Life (Most shops sell them for less than €1)
  • Take your own coffee cup when you buy your morning coffee. They come in all sorts of different colours and designs, plus some coffee chains offer you a discount when you bring your own cup (Saving money and the Ocean!)
  • Take part in a beach clean up. Most plastic and debris found in the ocean begins as litter on the beach. If you can't find a beach clean up to participate in, why not organise your own? 
  • When scuba diving, if possible, pick up any plastic or rubbish you find in the ocean (only if it is safe for you to do so) Or take part in an underwater clean up at your local dive site; grab your dive buddy, a net bag and dive in! 
  • Make safe, and sustainable seafood choices when shopping and eating out. This will help reduce the dmeand for over exploited fish speicies. There are many websites you can use to help you with this.
  • Spread the word and your love for the ocean <3