Puerto Rico Diving Centre, Gran Canaria
in     by Mike 07-08-2018


Often when people book Try Dives or PADI courses with us, one of their first questions is “Will I have to dive from a boat?” 

 Here at Puerto Rico Diving we believe that your first time trying scuba diving or your PADI course should be as relaxing as we can possible make it. That is why for all of our Try Dives and scuba diving Courses we always dive from the shore. You may be thinking “Well, why do we believe diving from the shore is better?” 

In our opinion we like to take our divers from the shore because:

  1. Entry: When entering the water from the shore, it is simple as walking down the beach and out into the water. This means you can take everything at your own pace. When diving from the beach you do not need to worry about how you are going to get off, and back onto a boat. When diving from a boat you will have to enter the water by either a backward roll or a giant stride with all of your equipment on. We think walking down the beach out into the water is far less stressful.
  2. Depth: When diving from the beach, the water gets gradually deeper meaning you can stick to a depth you feel comfortable diving in. This is also great if you have a problem equalising as you can take it nice and slow, swimming in the shallow until you can equalise successfully. Often when diving from a boat, you will find you may have to descend down a line. Meaning if you struggle equalising you have to hang about on the line whilst you equalise, watching everyone else dive beneath you. 
  3. Accessibility: We often find if our divers are a little nervous, they like the fact that they know the beach is just there. It makes them feel more secure. Whereas on a boat, even if you are diving close to the shore, it may not be easily accessible. 
  4. Journey to Dive Site: When diving with us from the beach, to get to the dive site is a short 5 minute journey in our van. There will be no chance of seasickness, no waves splashing you, just a nice air conditioned journey having a general chit chat about your holidays. 
  5. Group Size: When you do a try dive with us, there will be one instructor to a maximum of two students entering the water, learning the skills and enjoying the guided dive. With a boat try dive, you may be in a similar group once you are in the water, but there will be other dives and instructors on the boat all getting in the water at the same time. 
  6. Exit: At the end of a shore dive, we simply swim up to the beach, stand up and walk out of the ocean to the van. Once at the van you can comfortable get dry and changed, before we take you straight back your accommodation (or you can stay at the beach to enjoy the rest of your day there) On a boat you may have to wait around for other divers to finish before heading back to the harbour, and then back to your hotel. 



At Puerto Rico Diving we want all of our guests to have the best possible introduction to the wonderful world of diving,. For that reason we believe that when you are trying your first dive or learning new skills it is vital that you can concentrate on what you are doing, in the most relaxing and comfortable conditions possible. The less things you have to worry or distract you, the more enjoyable your diving experience will be. If you would like to join us and experience the beautiful ocean straight from the shore with a try dive experience please contact us!