Puerto Rico Diving Centre, Gran Canaria
in     by Mike 09-07-2018


Here at Puerto Rico Diving we are exceptionally lucky that our closest dive site is Playa de Amadores. Less than a 5 minute drive away from the shop we have access to this fantastic dive site. Playa de Amadores is perfect for scuba divers of all levels.

For people who have never tried scuba diving before, Playa de Amadores provides a sheltered, shallow area in which they can take their first fin kicks. The shallow areas of the dive site have plenty of marine life to be seen, thanks to the underwater wall which runs parallel to shore. 

For certified divers, Playa de Amadores provides a super relaxed dive site with lots of different areas to explore. We can follow the breakwater of the bay searching in between the stones for moray eels and sleeping rays. Whilst on the vast sandy bottom often Angel Sharks and different species of sting rays can be spotted.

 Read what some of our divers have had to say about Playa de Amadores:

 Amadores beach is beautiful and once in the water under the watchful eye of Mike we completed the relevant skills, nòt once feeling any pressure or a sense of being rushed. We also spent time exploring seeing Cuttlefish, Octopus and even an Angleshark.” Wayne, UK

“At the local Amadores beach. I didn't have any specific skills I felt insecure about, so we just opted for assembling our gear and going for a dive straight away. Holly and Ed were really professional yet relaxed, and while constantly keeping a good eye on me they also gave me space and didn't make a fuss about my inexperience. They gave me a hand when I needed and pointed out a lot of fauna I otherwise would've missed. I felt really safe, relaxed and more confident than I would've thought after such a long break (and with barely a dozen logged dives beforehand). We saw quite a lot - from a juvenile barracuda to sea urchins, plenty of wrasse, cleaning shrimp and two octopuses. A definite highlight was during the second dive when we stopped by an artificial reef and I sat at the bottom, letting curious little porcupine fish nib at my hands :)” Ella, Finland

Amadores Beach fantastic for beginners, novice divers and divers who want to improve their skills.” Tony, Wales

“We were instructed by Mike at the beautiful Amadores beach, completing a number of confined and open water dives and knowledge sessions. Mike is a very friendly and knowledgeable diver who instructs you in a very professional manner. We had plenty of time under water to see and experience the sea life that lives off the coast of Gran Canaria. The highlight for us was the Stingray ghosting through the water that was as inquisitive of us as we was of it” Graham, England


Check out our video of this amazing Ocotpus taken during one of our dives at Playa de Amadores