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Arinaga Diving Site, Gran Canaria
Arinaga Diving Site, Gran Canaria

Type Of Dive:   Shore Dive

Maximum Depth:   30 Metres

Certification Level:   Advanced Open Water

What You Might See:   Angel Shark, Roncadores, stingrays

After a drive of around 40 minutes towards the airport you will arrive to the marine reserve. The El Cabron Marine Reserve was listed as a site of special scientific interest by the European Union on the 28th December 2001. Since it became a marine reserve, any boat is not allowed in the area and the marine life is quite prolific. Being a volcanic island the underwater topography is quite dramatic with overhangs, little caverns, swim through, holes etc… all to be explored!!!

We recommend a minimum  of 20 logged dive to dive at the marine reserve. Entering and exiting the water sometimes could be a little bit tricky because of waves so it is very weather dependant. Having different access point to the water we will try our best to take you diving here. Your safety is our main concern.

There is a variety of dive sites in this area including:

  • The Aquarium
  • The Coral
  • Swim Through
  • The Arch
  • Roncadores
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