Puerto Rico Diving, Gran Canaria
Puerto Rico Diving Centre | Gran Canaria
Amadores Diving Site, Gran Canaria
Amadores Diving Site, Gran Canaria

Type Of Dive:   Shore Dive

Maximum Depth:   12 Metres

Certification Level:   None

What You Might See:   Cuttelfish, Octupus, Parrotfish, little stingrays

This is our local dive site and only 5 mins from the dive centre. It is ideal for beginners as well as more experienced divers. Inside the bay there is a white sandy bottom gently sloping onto a rocky area and an underwater wall built as a breakwater. There is an abundance of marine life here including damsel fish, bream, parrot fish, puffer fish, wrasse, octopus & cuttlefish to name a few. On the outside of the bay the wall slopes down to 12 meters and along the wall there are often shoals of sardines being hunted by barracuda as well as many other species. At the moment there is cleaning shrimp if you decide to go for a manicure while diving!

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